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75003 PARIS


La Mutinerie is a feminist bar, a space run by and for us queers, women, trans people, dykes, and bis. We are a self-managed collective, exclusively composed of queers (women and/or trans people). We are committed to having this space be as accessible as possible (by keeping prices as low as we can, by never charging any money for entry), while constantly aiming to better our working conditions. There is no hierarchy within our collective. The business assets and the money that the bar makes are collectivized. Every decision, big or small, is collectively made, by consensus or by vote.

La Mutinerie is a space designed to build community, to host parties, to foster political thought and action, and to encourage queer art and culture. Another of its function is to redistribute money: we exclusively collaborate with artists/activists/educators that are women and/or queers; and on certain nights, we give 10 to 15% of the money we make to collectives or organizations whose activist work we want to support, and with which we collaborate to host a party.

We are aiming to create a space that is as welcoming and inclusive as we can. We refuse to ignore the racism, sexism, transphobia and classism that are at work even within our communities, and our goal is to generate a space within which they can be collectively addressed and fought.

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